Alpha Epsilon Phi, Phi Omega Chapter at Northeastern University.
Putting the Pieces Together: Convention 2013

Putting the Pieces Together: Convention 2013

Nothing brightened my day more than receiving an e-mail in the middle of law class telling me I had been selected to attend 2013 AEPhi Convention in sunny Phoenix. The idea of warm sun, a chilled pool, and hundreds of fellow Phi’s immediately flooded me with excitement. But while I...
My Trip to Israel: Birthright, Summer 2013

My Trip to Israel: Birthright, Summer 2013

By far one of my best memories this summer was getting the chance to travel to Israel in May for the first time. I went on Birthright with Northeastern University Hillel and two other members of AEPHI. Even before joining the chapter this past Fall I had planned on doing...
Royal Baby Madness!: My Summer in London

Royal Baby Madness!: My Summer in London

My dialogue to London was an unforgettable experience! Not only did I get to cross many items off of my bucket list, visit Westminster Abbey aka the location of William and Kate’s wedding, ride the London Eye, and experience London during the birth of the royal baby, but I experienced...
Love and Memories: AEPhi Relays for Life

Love and Memories: AEPhi Relays for Life

Undoubtedly being part of a sorority is amazing and life changing. When I was a freshman I went from having about 20 new college friends to 120 new college friends. I went from having a social calendar with spots to fill to always having somewhere to be or something to...
Making A Difference: My Co-Op at the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office

Making A Difference: My Co-Op at the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office

Many people choose Northeastern for its co-op program, but I was not one of them. While I knew about the great program, I was attracted to, and ultimately chose, Northeastern for a multitude of other reasons. But with one more year until graduation, there is no denying the fact that...
Viva Las Vegas!: Phi's take on The Strip

Viva Las Vegas!: Phi’s take on The Strip

Last December, Fay and I (both Alpha Lambdas) had both been sitting in Snell Library – studying hard for exams of course – when I had mentioned that I was going to be traveling to Las Vegas with my parents. Having been there before, I was not extremely excited about...
Jen Bernstein and Bari Krug: Senior Reflections

Jen Bernstein and Bari Krug: Senior Reflections

“I am scared to graduate. Not because I don’t have a job. Not because I don’t want to grow up. But because I have spent the past 5 years building a life for myself here, and I don’t know who I am without AEPhi. So often, especially lately, I look...

A Letter From Our President

“Why did you join a sorority?” If you’re in a sorority, you’ve been asked this question. For me, the answer can be as simple as one word: community. I moved around a lot as kid and as a teenager so staying at Northeastern, or anywhere, for five years was a new notion to me. I knew that I wanted Northeastern to feel like home, but this can be hard with a school so large. That led me to my decision to join the Fraternity and Sorority Life community – a decision that has made college experience more than I could have imagined.


My draw to Alpha Epsilon Phi was almost instant. As soon as I met these women at the first recruitment event, I knew there was nowhere else I would rather be. At the time, these women were strangers but the way I saw them interact with each other reminded me of how my sister and I act: supportive, loving, and sassy in all the right doses. Three and a half years later, most of those sisters that made me fall in love with these letters have graduated and new sisters have joined; yet the feeling remains the same. Alpha Epsilon Phi has become that home away from home that I was looking for and these women have become my sisters. They have challenged and encouraged me every day and for that, I am extremely honored to serve as the President of this organization. My hope is to give AEΦ as much as it has given me.


It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website so you can explore this snapshot into our sisterhood. Please, don’t hesitate with any questions!

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Yakira Levy
President, Phi Omega Chapter
Alpha Epsilon Phi

2012 Greek Award Winners for Outstanding Sisterhood, Gold Level Achievement, and Outstanding Advisor!

Celebrating 100 Years of Sisterhood!!! 



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